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What is 'Save Our South Coast Alliance'?



SOSCA is an alliance of individuals and groups involved in promoting the environment, community, and economy of Chichester’s coastal plain. Our district is one of the most beautiful destinations for residents and visitors on the south coast but its unique and fragile environment is under threat from both overdevelopment and climate change. As guardians of an area steeped in history and containing some of the south’s most important wetlands and wildlife habitats, we have a duty to safeguard the Chichester coastal plain for future generations.

We acknowledge that house prices in Chichester are among the highest outside London, but we also recognise that this problem will not be solved by building more and more suburban-style housing on our flood-prone coastal plain. We need the right sort of housing in the right locations. We need well designed, carbon neutral, climate-change-resilient and truly affordable homes to buy and to rent in a vibrant city which proudly displays and protects its rich Roman and Georgian heritage while recognising its potential to become a key destination for enterprise and tourism in the 21st century.

Chichester is home to the only medieval cathedral in England that is visible from the coast. For centuries, the iconic views of the spire from Chichester and Pagham harbours and the peninsula coast have defined Chichester’s unique historical location – with the South Downs to its north and stunning, but increasingly threatened, wetlands to its south.

Chichester’s coastal plain is an oasis of wetlands, meadows and dark skies on England’s south coast. This precious area of land, home to Chichester’s vital agricultural and tourism economic sectors, as well as protected flora, fauna and birdlife, will be increasingly squeezed by sea level rise. We can all help to mitigate the natural risk we face by creating space for wetland roll back, flood alleviation and wildlife migration. But excessive centrally allocated housing quotas handed down from government threaten our ability and ambition to protect our communities, environment, wildlife and economy from the inevitable impact of climate change on our low lying coastal plain.

By working together we hope to persuade local and national politicians that there is a better and more positive way forward.


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We are also keen to hear from volunteers with expertise in planning, coastal habitats and wildlife and the local economy as well as anyone interested in fundraising or providing funds to help the SOSCA campaign.