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SOSCA is an alliance of individuals and groups involved in promoting the environment, community, and economy of Chichester’s coastal plain. Our district is one of the most beautiful destinations for residents and visitors on the south coast but its unique and fragile environment is under threat from both overdevelopment and climate change. As guardians of an area steeped in history and containing some of the south’s most important wetlands and wildlife habitats, we have a duty to safeguard the Chichester coastal plain for future generations.




We recognise there is a requirement for more housing.  What is not wanted is market led housing of high prices or housing for second homes.  What is needed is housing that is well built, sustainable, and affordable either to buy or to rent. And for local democracy through communities and local government to determine what is needed and where.





The imposition of a new system which gives priority of developers over communities and imposes a blanket ‘algorithm’ to determine the numbers and where they should be built.  The whole planning process would then be determined by central committee within Whitehall.  This process would take NO ACCOUNT of the damage to the environment or consequences of climate change.  It would result in the coalescence of the whole of the south coast and destroy the very environment the government is constantly saying it is protecting.




The Alliance has built up a wide and inclusive support from parishes across the Chichester Coastal Plain and others. Langstone, Emsworth & Westbourne, Southbourne & Nutbourne, Chidham & Hambrook, Bosham, Fishbourne, Donnington & Stockridge, Hunston, Mundham, Aldmonington, Sidlesham, Oving, Tangmere, Pagham,  Selsey Town, East Wittering & Bracklesham, West Wittering, Birdham, Itchenor, together with their many environment groups, residents’ associations and other local organisations. The Alliance works closely with Chichester Harbour Trust, CPRE Sussex, CPRE Hampshire, and other major national organisations. The Alliance has support across the whole of West and East Sussex, East Hampshire and parts of Surrey, Kent and South London.

Libby Alexander

Founder of SOSCA

Arts Degree, ex UN, Trustee of CPRE Sussex

Having had the good fortune to live and travel abroad for many years it was an obvious choice, on returning to England, to re connect with my childhood in West Sussex.  Seeing this wonderful landscape through the eyes of an adult and parent brought home how important it was to protect such a very special Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for future generations.


Richard C.J. Pratt

BA (Hons) Geography & Sociology, University of Keele, 1970 PGCE, University of Birmingham 1976.

MSc (Arch.) Bartlett School of Planning & Architecture, 1987. Affiliated: Town & Country Planning Association, Royal Geographical Society. 

I was born in Bosham so sailing has been and is an important part of my life. It has allowed me to build up a deep understanding of the complexities of the harbours that have given so much to so many.  Being on the committee of The Bosham Association keeps me in touch with the local community as so much of what we admire is now under threat as the continual discharges of raw sewage poison our seas.

Carolyn Cobbold.jpeg
Dr. Carolyn Cobbold

Bsc Eng, Msc, PhD (Cam), FRSA,

Research Fellow @ Cambridge University

I have lived near Chichester for 23 years and grown to love and respect its very special environment.  By working within the corporate risks industry the issues the country faced from climate change became more apparent. This insight was the force behind my being the Organiser of the Going Dutch Project to protect the Manhood Peninsula in 2001 which led to the creation of Europe’s largest coastal realignment scheme – Medmerry Nature Reserve. 

Andries de Vaal

Lead Consultant for Deloitte Consulting

on global hotel, leisure and tourist industry

Board Member of the International

Hotel & Restaurant Association

Chairman of IH&RA’s charity Foundation for the

Future Chairman of Salon Hospitality Consulting

Having held various senior positions with major hotel groups in Europe and the USA my professional life has given me the opportunity to experience outstanding tourist attractions.  But it is here, for some 27 years, I have chosen to live on the Chichester Coastal Plain and which now needs all our help to protect it.

Catja de Haas


MA in Housing & Urbanism from the Architectural Association

Visiting Lecturer at several UK Universities

There has been a steady stream of concerns over the levels of development across the Chichester Coastal Plain undermining the AONB and my experience has shown the importance of involving the general public in rethinking how to design sustainable communities and neighbourhoods. And so In March 2021 I co-organised a series of lectures for the CDC, parish councils and planners in order to not only raise awareness of the widely known threats the area faces, but also to show that with good design, collaboration, and good decision making there are opportunities to make the area better.

Rosalind Bowen
Resident in Bosham for many years.
Member of the Bosham Association.

As a sailor the threats to the environment especially around the protected harbours of the Chichester AONB and beyond are of increasing concern. Motivated to become involved in environmental groups to fight the encroachment of so many unneeded developments causing irreparable long-term damage to our fragile wetlands and contributing to the decline in numbers of our local wildlife.

Jenny Bentall
BA Hons Social Psychology, MA Social Work.
Teacher training - PGCE

My background has been in community development focusing on inner city renewal followed by secondary school teaching in English and Drama. I have lived in Bosham for 20 years and it is more than ever important that we engage with the young to inspire them to protect this fragile and beautiful environment for their future.

Carey Mackinnon.jpg
Carey Mackinnon

Marine Engineering

Management Consultant KPMG

Joined Her Majesty’s Coast Guard as a search and rescue co-ordinating officer with Solent Coast Guard enabling expansion of local knowledge and further appreciation of the local areas and coastline including Chichester harbours. Started and ran an anti-urbanisation website five years ago to fight large unsustainable housing development applications and appeals to the present day.

Keith Meadmore

Degree in Business Studies

Formally a senior executive for one the largest insurance and then banking organisations in the world based in the Far East for many years. A background of operational processes and systems, process improvement, technical insurance disciplines and actuarial sciences and analysis. It is these skills I use in research for the many issues we face at SOSCA.

By working together with many environment and concerned groups we hope to persuade local and national politicians that there is a better and more positive way forward. 


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