SOSCA is an alliance of individuals and groups involved in promoting the environment, community, and economy of Chichester’s coastal plain. Our district is one of the most beautiful destinations for residents and visitors on the south coast but its unique and fragile environment is under threat from both overdevelopment and climate change. As guardians of an area steeped in history and containing some of the south’s most important wetlands and wildlife habitats, we have a duty to safeguard the Chichester coastal plain for future generations.




We recognise there is a requirement for more housing.  What is not wanted is market led housing of high prices or housing for second homes.  What is needed is housing that is well built, sustainable, and affordable either to buy or to rent. And for local democracy through communities and local government to determine what is needed and where.





The imposition of a new system which gives priority of developers over communities and imposes a blanket ‘algorithm’ to determine the numbers and where they should be built.  The whole planning process would then be determined by central committee within Whitehall.  This process would take NO ACCOUNT of the damage to the environment or consequences of climate change.  It would result in the coalescence of the whole of the south coast and destroy the very environment the government is constantly saying it is protecting.



Libby Alexander
Founder of SOSCA

United Nations (FAO) for several years. CPRE HQ London. Created a National Campaign in England.

Part of a small team at an award-winning PR company London. Founding member of SOSCA.

Was brought up in West Sussex. Worked across three continents but returned to her roots.

The experience of CPRE and working with dedicated environmentalists brought home the importance

of protecting our wonderful landscapes and wildlife from unsympathetic intrusive building. 


Richard C.J. Pratt

BA (Hons) Geography & Sociology, University of Keele, 1970

PGCE, University of Birmingham 1976.

MSc (Arch.) Bartlett School of Planning & Architecture, 1987.

Affiliated: Town & Country Planning Association, Royal Geographical Society.

Born in Bosham 1947.  Prior to 1986 Community Planner in the West Midlands.

From 1987-2007 Senior Lecturer in Birmingham School of Planning and Landscape Architecture. Thereafter Visiting Lecturer at Universities of Brighton and Chichester. Planning consultancy work included Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Action Team, Worcester City Council, European Commission INTEREG IV, Maltese Government EU-accession standards.

Voluntary roles include: Bosham Village Design Statement: Principal Project Writer and Editor 2008-2011, adopted by CDC Dec 2011. Bosham Parish Neighbourhood Plan:  Principal Project Writer and Editor 2012-2014, on behalf of Parish Council, Bosham Association committee 2008.

Dr. Carolyn Cobbold
Bsc Eng, Msc, PhD (Cam), FRSA,
Research Fellow @ Cambridge University

Engineering Degree. Followed by risk management researcher/writer for 20 years specialising in corporate risk and liability including the risks of climate change. Organiser of the Going Dutch project on the Manhood Peninsula in 2001 which led to the creation of the Medmerry Nature Research, Europe’s largest coastal realignment scheme. Project leader for the Manhood Peninsula Partnership since 2001.

Lived near Chichester for 23 years. Author of many articles on planning for climate change including a book based on the Going Dutch project. Latest book A Rainbow Palate: How Chemical Dyes Changed the West’s Relationship with Food was published September 2020 by the University of Chicago Press.

Joan Foster
Lead for the Manhood Peninsula Action Group.

Has lived in Hunston since 2005. Chair of Hunston Parish Council. Brought together all the parishes on the Manhood Peninsula to form an action group. Campaigned to get the parishes of the Manhood to lobby MP Gillian Keegan expressing their concern about the proposed housing development on the Peninsula. Followed with a meeting in January 2020. Now part of the SOSCA Alliance.

Richard Weavis

Retired Building Surveyor, Designer and Project Manager and was a Fellow of the Association of Building Engineers. Chair of Chidham, Hambrook & Nutbourne East Housing Action Group.

Worked for a large procurement organisation in London. Was the company representative on several BSI Technical Committees and adhoc working groups. For 20 years majored in small scale renewables and sustainable construction. Involved in the local Housing Steering Group and active in protecting wildlife and the environment.

Rosalind Bowen
Resident in Bosham for many years.
Member of the Bosham Association.

As a sailor the threats to the environment especially around the protected harbours of the Chichester AONB and beyond are of increasing concern. Motivated to become involved in environmental groups to fight the encroachment of so many unneeded developments causing irreparable long-term damage to our fragile wetlands and contributing to the decline in numbers of our local wildlife. Objecting to the plan to double the size and population of Chichester without additional infrastructure.

Jenny Bentall
BA Hons Social Psychology, MA Social Work.
Teacher training - PGCE

Worked in community development focusing on inner city renewal. A period of childcare followed by secondary school teaching as an English and Drama teacher and later contributed to developing school policies on inclusion and child development. Lived in Bosham for 20 years.

By working together with many environment and concerned groups we hope to persuade local and national politicians that there is a better and more positive way forward. 



We need to make as large a public as possible aware of the threats to

this internationally recognised national asset. This is not NIMBYISM.

This is saving an irreplaceable part of our nation for future generations.

We would welcome you, your groups, your school, your parish, everyone,

to register below and help us spread your concerns to the wider world.

All information provided is correct at time of publication, however if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the information or the website in general, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form above or email contact@sosca.org.uk.