Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s Interim Report of Coastal Flooding and Erosion and Adaptation to Climate Change.

‘The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Ministers should respond to concerns that their housebuilding targets may be leading to councils allowing inappropriate development in areas at risk from flooding or erosion; and to what extent the planning system as a whole is currently prioritising managing the risks from coastal flooding and erosion or needs strengthening.’

It also said:

‘The Environment Agency should explain what actions it is currently taking to ensure it is effective in its role as a statutory consultee for proposed Coastal Change Management Areas, or if its role needs to be strengthened or other policy changes made, to ensure the system can prevent inappropriate development in areas at risk of coastal flooding or erosion’.

October 2019

Most of Chichester’s coastal plain lies less than 6 metres above sea level and is one of the most vulnerable stretches of the south coast to flood risk.

It has a very high water table and is the catchment area for run off water from the South Downs.

In recent years surface water and ground water flooding has increased and worsened.

Predicted sea level rises will impact the area significantly in the next few decades.


We need to make as large a public as possible aware of the threats to

this internationally recognised national asset. This is not NIMBYISM.

This is saving an irreplaceable part of our nation for future generations.

We would welcome you, your groups, your school, your parish, everyone,

to register below and help us spread your concerns to the wider world.

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