The established parishes that bind the Chichester Coastal Plain together are fighting to protect their identities from coalescence.

These ancient communities, many of which were mentioned in the Domesday Book, are threatened by the amount of developments that are being imposed most especially along the A259 corridor west of the City Chichester.

This road, the A259, is the northern border of the highly protected AONB of Chichester Harbour. The impact of all these new houses and their inevitable growth in car use will jeopardise the integrity of the entire area.


We need to make as large a public as possible aware of the threats to

this internationally recognised national asset. This is not NIMBYISM.

This is saving an irreplaceable part of our nation for future generations.

We would welcome you, your groups, your school, your parish, everyone,

to register below and help us spread your concerns to the wider world.

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